LUNEAU TECHNOLOGY WORLDWIDE IN SEPTEMBER : VEW Vision Expo & Conference West 2017; Sept 14 - 16; Las Vegas, NV | IOA Convention Sept 14 - 17 Itasca | GOAL - September 29-30 - Milano |SEO - September - Spain | GWCO Sept 28 - Oct 2 - Portland, OR | SILMO Oct 6 - 9 Paris


The Luneau Technology group, international leader in the optical and diagnostic instrument market, has developed a recognized expertise in the equipment market for opticians, centralized laboratories and  workshops, ophthalmologists, orthoptists and hospital centers. 







Our skills are consistently being honed, and have evolved over the last 100 years in order to adapt to the requirements of healthcare professionals and their patients.  Here at Luneau Technology, our team members add to consistency and longevity with an average tenure of 19 years. Our personnel have become our best ambassadors, embodying the values of our brands on a daily basis.

Teams - A Unique Blend of Expertise

Our teams are reactive and in-tune with the market: Luneau Technology relies on its’ team members at all levels, both locally and internationally to continue the development of relevant products and solutions for healthcare professionals. The quality of the teams along with their unique talents and technical backgrounds allow for Luneau Technology to be an international group while enjoying a definitively personal element in all we do.

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