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From the beginning, the culture of work well done and the notion of having the ultimate attention to detail have been a large basis in the main concept of our company. Everyone adheres to, and complies with these principles in their daily work in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 Certification
Luneau Technology has been assessed and found to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2008 for the following activities: design , manufacturing, and sale to subsidiaries and distributors of edging equipment and instruments for ophthalmic professionals and practitioners.
Luneau Technology's goals are to propose effective and innovative products for ophthalmic optical market, increase customers' satisfaction, and to ensure the continuity of the company. These goals are based on two main areas of focus:

External quality, that is, being attentive to the expectations and requirements of our customers by fulfilling our commitments through the quality of our products and services, and by offering innovative products;

Internal quality, corresponding to the improvement of the internal operation of the company. This covers the optimization of our organization, the optimization of supplier costs, the development of quality processes, and the optimization of the personnel's expertise and involvement.