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Allow Access to Innovative Technology for Everyone

Luneau Technology, unlike some market players, does not believe in reserving new innovations for only the large, wealthy practitioners and then over time, release more accessible lines to others. At Luneau Technology, we want to provide access to the highest level of technology at an affordable price for all practicioners.  The end goal for both healthcare professionals and Luneau Technology is to deliver a high quality of life through good health for patients.

For both refraction and optical finishing, we envision a system which integrates the two dimensions: the exam or refraction results, and their eyewear needs.

Luneau Technology has taken "Inter-machine" connectivity to the next level and designed our machines to be intuitive and offer the utmost in modern customization.

The association of technologies offers a more efficient and effective line of products all integrated into the Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, and Optician’s specific work needs.

Wavefront: implementation of quicker, more efficient and more reliable systems for taking measurements. Today, many in the industry benefit from these developments, providing state-of-the-art technology in multiple facets of practice.

As a consequence, controlling costs allows accessibility of this technology for everyone.