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New products

Though always known as leaders in innovation, the Briot, Weco, and Visionix lines have been re-drawn with a renewed focus on innovation that works in today’s ever-changing industry. New equipment was developed every 6 months along with new software designed to meet the needs of integration.

The Visionix line has introduced numerous instruments focused on providing the most cutting-edge technology to practitioners and will be unveiling a variety of innovative products.  And short issued the top of the range diagnostic instruments the VX120/ VX130 as well as Eye Refract which features a dual Aberrometer

Be sure to check in with us often to stay up to date with all the latest technology being launched by Visionix.

The Weco line was completely redefined, reaching its’ pinnacle in January 2014 just in time to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the brand.  The Weco E series is custom designed to meet a variety of needs and budgets and features the machines: E.1, E.3, E.5, and E.6. And the new wavefront capturing and blocking device, the Weco C6, which completes the high range of Weco products.

The Briot line, was also re-defined to include equipment that meets the needs of individual practices and modern labs. PerCeption and eMotion offer ultra-affordable compact all-in-one designs for practices that have tight space requirements.  The Alta line is composed of 3 edgers and 2 tracer/blocker units. Briot’s Alta line including the new Alta Evolution was specifically designed for mid to high production volumes and advanced technological features while still providing affordable options for a variety of budgets.  As the industry leading innovator in edging technology, the launch of the Briot Attitude, including Wavefront technology in September 2015 signifies a new era in high end finishing.

Whatever your technological requirement, you will find your solution in one of our two lines of lab Equipment.


Emotion2 by Briot

Emotion2 by Briot

Technological Power Pack Perfectly Fitting

A first for the Emotion Series, with Gravitech® Powered Tracing, you can easily scan a demo lens in a few seconds with accuracy that is superior to a mechanical tracer.

LTO developed a new way of tracing demo lenses delivering consistent accuracies as never seen before. This GraviTech® technology is available in the complete range of their finishing equipment today including the edger emotion2.

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Visionix to release a comprehensive anterior segment analysis device

Visionix to release a comprehensive anterior segment analysis device


Glaucoma and keratoconus detection, identification of patients for cataract surgery with premium and/or toric implants, identification of patients for refractive surgery : The VX130 combines state-of-the-art technologies
and provides essential data for an improved treatment of patient. The VX130 is the ideal patient monitoring system.

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C6 industrial line by Weco

C6 industrial line by Weco

Weco, brand of Luneau Technology is proud to announce the launch of The Lab Master for Fully Automated Verification, Layout and Blocking : the Weco C.6 industrial line.

Featuring Wavefront Technology the Weco C.6 industrial line marks a big step into a new generation in finishing technology. Wavefront Technology in finishing, previously known from the widespread Verifier technology, the leader in blocking in the industrial market is not only a warranty for perfect finishing results, but also offers an enhancement in speed on the centering and blocking process.
With the so called "Pass-Fail" function, the measured lens power will be compared against the prescription taking into account the given tolerances. At the same time the lens contour is checked against the shape to ensure cut-out. In this way, high quality in centering and blocking will be ensured.
Besides, the system is easy to embed independent of industrial edger and LMS (VCA DCS Version 3.10 or higher) ) used.
The productivity of the system is the highest ever available for manual loading centering and blocking devices with a volume of up to 55 jobs / hour (110 lenses)

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Eye Refract by Visionix [September 2016]

Eye Refract by Visionix [September 2016]

Eye Refract was developed by Visionix to consider the refraction in a global way. With regard to the classic method, which consists in making two objective refractions thanks to a monocular Autorefractometer then a subjective refraction, the Eye Refract method is totally innovative.

By creating a synergy between the Visionix Wavefront Technology and a phoropter, we designed a system which analyzes continuously and in real time the spon-taneous reactions of patients . It is simpler than ever to show the advantage of a new correction in record time.
Eye Refract features two miniaturised Shack-Hartmann sensors running simultaneously to provide real time binocular refraction.
The EyeRefract system analyzes the brain reactions of patients and runs the phoropter to prove the benefice of a new correction in a record time.
With this method, you will achieve binocular refraction in less than 2 minutes.
It is always possible, however, to take the hand for an adjustment or for a more classic approach.
Eye Refract is controlled by a tablet remote which measures distance and near vision.
Eyerefract adapts itself to various organizations and integrates easily into different workspace.

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Alta Evolution by Briot [September 2016]

Alta Evolution by Briot [September 2016]

An additional step in the evolution of edging systems. Having been the first ones to launch the edger without pattern, then the first compact machine all-in-one.  The Alta Evolution system includes the quite new technology Gravitech ®, another market innovation in the history of Briot. This patented technology, based on the consideration of a single reference point during all the cycle of blocking, centring, edging, brings exeptionnal speed and execu-tion reliability. The Alta Evolution is a decisive link in the assembly line of the optician, it participates in a reliable and fast process.

Revolutionary Optical Tracing with Unbelievable Results
With GraviTech® technology, Briot has developed the first optical tracing  system capable of using just one reference point to recreate the a flawless 3D shape in just 4 seconds. 
Intelligent Drilling
The Alta Evolution is the master of drill hole detection. There is no need to mark the drill holes beforehand; the Alta Evolution will elegantly capture accurate drill hole coordinates within seconds. Its intuitive interface makes modifying drill points and notches simple  and easy.

Visualize and Highlight Progressive Lens Laser Engravings
The high resolution camera can accurately capture the laser engravings on progressive lenses to make layout easy and stress-free. With the Alta Evolution, you can edge every lens with complete confidence.
Patented Technology Delivers Perfect, Parallax-Free Blocking
Briot has developed a new technology that enables consistently faster blocking while eliminating  negative influences such as parallax and light reflections to deliver perfect blocking results.

More Comprehensive Measurements Mean More Accurate Blocking Because the Alta Evolution takes into account  the frame curve and lens curve it is able  to provide the perfect solution for premium results.

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Visionix to Release a Revolutionary New Product for Screening and Diagnosis

Visionix to Release a Revolutionary New Product for Screening and Diagnosis

This device was designed as a complete screening and diagnostic tool for eye care professionals. The  VX120 is a perfect tool to screen for glaucoma, cataract, visual defects, and corneal diseases thanks to a unique combination of functions including Refraction, Keratometry, Aberrometry, Topography, Pupillometry, Tonometry, and Anterior Chamber Analysis using Scheimpflug imaging. The VX 120 also offers fully automated measurement at the touch of one button.

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Briot presents its newest edging system  .

Briot presents its newest edging system .

Briot Attitude, a feature premium level edging system, introduces for the first time in Retail Finishing a Shack Hartmann Sensor featuring Visionix’s wavefront technology, True HC Scan with Unique Swivel Stylus, photocopy demo lenses.

Briot Attitude : Edging System, Featuring New Capture, Tracing And Analysis Technologies With Customer Personalization And Satisfaction In Sight.

The Briot Attitude is powered by PowerMap®, wave front technology with Shack Hartmann Sensor enabling to see the invisible : Visualization of Engravings (&Defects!), Check the Power of the lens on each point, Modify the Shape considering the real Lens!
A real HC tracing device with Unique Swivel Stylus Technology, binocular frame tracing and RX edging for a best fit in plastic wrap frames.

Photocopy demo lenses, New! Gravity Driven Optical Trace Gravitech® helps to Capture Extravagant Shapes and Process Complex Contours

Other news and benefits on the centring device
New! Multitouch Interface
Parallax Free Auto Blocking
Wide Power Meas. Range
Large Databases
Simple Lens Removal
USB Port (Lens Data, Update)
Network Connection

Other news and benefits on the edger
Large Touchscreen
Brushless Motor 
Speed and Reduced Noise
Service Port on the front
Integrated Tool Box

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Capturing Shape and blocking device : C.6 by Weco

Capturing Shape and blocking device : C.6 by Weco

True innovation is made up of a balanced blend of market experience and the willingness to take a risk. Weco’s history and industry knowledge with developing the best shape capturing and blocking devices for more than 100 years marked the starting point in the development our new Weco C.6

Weco C.6 is so much more than an automated blocking device offering full Job Preparation, from Tracing, to Shape Administration, and Intelligent Centering to Blocking. Weco C.6 offers complete job preparation from Shape Capture, to Centering and Blocking with astonishing speed and precision. The Weco C.6 is the perfect balance between accuracy and speed.

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