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Interview with Dr. Abitbol


I created Visionix® in 1994 with the ambition of democratizing a technology, in this case the study of the wave front and the Shack Hartmann technology. This technology was initially reserved for cutting edge sectors such as astronomy. My aim was to use it for visual health care by including it in diagnostic and measurement instruments.

Initially concentrating on research and development, Visionix® was rapidly able to find concrete applications leading to the release of the first industry-specific equipment based on this technology in 1997, and in 1998, refraction equipment dedicated to ophthalmic diagnosis.

In 2003, the merger with Luneau (founded in 1928), with its high profile in ophthalmology, followed by the acquisition of  Briot®/Weco®  in 2010,( two brand names with more than 100 years experience in the optical industry and ophthalmic lens finishing), resulted in the creation of a group with the means to match its ambitions:

To be close to its customers and in-tune with market needs: 10 subsidiaries throughout the world and more than 170 dealers allow for a large network to gain specific information about activity in our sector of the industry.

To advance in-line with its’ initial goal, namely to make technology as widely accessible as possible. The group has made Research and Development one of its priorities, re-investing no less than 11% of its resources annually. The areas of research are focused on both the analysis of visual acuity, and ergonomics for practices. We will release a new product every six months, with the aim of promoting new solutions for a constantly changing market; this will allow all the players in the industry to benefit from the latest technological innovations, regardless of the equipment chosen.

Reinforced by both its’ experience, and spirit of innovation, Luneau Technology, consisting of the Briot®/Weco® and Visionix® brands, has positioned itself as a powerful new force in the market, with a range of equipment and instruments to provide solutions for all the requirements of the vision correction process: Refraction and ophthalmic diagnosis, lens inspection in industrial production, and lens finishing for opticians. Our goal has always been to provide you with the latest technologies to allow more efficient screening for visual disorders, and provide a better quality of life with technologically enhanced equipment and instruments.


February 1, 2014

Marc Abitbol, Chairman